Spray Tan


BEFORE your appointment:

  • It is imperative to exfoliate 12-24 hours prior to your appointment.

    • Pay attention to dry areas like elbows, knees, hands, feet, etc. Proper exfoliation is the key to a lasting spray tan, but don’t overdo it to the point your skin hurts!

  • Wax or shave 12-24 hours before your tan.

  • Have a cleansing shower to remove oils, deodorant, foundation, etc.

  • If your skin is very dry, a light oil-free lotion can be applied.

  • Your previous tan has to be completely faded/exfoliated off before coming to your next session for best application results.

  • Depending on your tan life, book ever 3-4 weeks.



  • Eyelash extensions should be completed 1-2 days prior.

  • Mani’s, pedi’s, or massages should be done before. Soaking and excessive rubbing will diminish the tan.


What to expect DURING your appointment

For special events or vacations, we recommend booking your tan 1-2 days prior.

  • Wear as much or as little as you are comfortable with.

  • Keep in mind, any garments you wear will create tan lines.

  • We will discuss how dark or light you want your final result to be. The choice is up to you.

  • Barrier cream for blending areas of dry skin such as hands and feet will be provided.

  • If desired, hair cap and nose filters will be available.

  • The spray takes about 10 minutes. You will be guided through a series of simple poses to ensure no areas are missed.

  • A major benefit of having a spray tan hand-applied with a spray gun is that we can control the application, preventing over saturation in certain areas, like hands and feet.


Once that’s done, you are free to get dressed in loose fitting clothing.


AFTER your appointment

  • Wear loose fitting, dark clothes. Avoid bras or tight shoes.


NOTE:  bronzers may rub off on fabrics. They do not stain and will wash out of most fabrics. However, it may be harder to get out of some delicate fabrics like silk or wool.

  • You must wait 8-12 hours before rinsing (1-3 hours for rapid tan).

    • During that time avoid water (swimming, hot tubs, showers, sauna etc), don’t workout or sweat heavily, and avoid washing your hands.

  • After the waiting period, use a warm water rinse only. You’ll notice the instant bronzers may wash away. The tan remains on your skin and will continue to darken slightly until 24 hours after initial application. Pat skin dry, never rub.

  • After the first rinse you can shower as usual. Use only a mild shower gel and apply with your hands. Don’t use scrubs or poufs as these may strip off the color. Again, pat skin dry.

  • Moisturize daily with mineral oil free lotion. Hydrated healthy skin retains your tan longer.