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Spray tanning is a more healthy alternative to achieve that bronzed “off the beach” look all year round without extreme UV exposure. Here are some frequently asked questions I have put together so you can understand the fad of spray tans!

How long do spray tans last?

Spray tans last about anywhere between 5-12 days, depending on before / after care as well as several other factors, which include lifestyle habits, daily activities, and skin routines.

One thing to understand is that the color is a reaction that occurs on the very top layer of skin. Your tan will fade as your body naturally sheds skin cells. We renew the very top layer of our skin on average every 7 days. Therefore, pre-tan exfoliation is very important as well as post tan hydration.

Will I turn Orange?

Everyone’s fear and first question about spray tanning. This is a hard no!!! Our primary concern is giving our clients natural-looking skin complexions. Our specialists are trained to choose the ideal intensity for your skin. Rest assured, you will never look orange!

Can I go in a swimming pool with a spray tan?

This is where lifestyle habits and daily activities come in as mentioned above. It is recommended to stay clear of chlorinated pools with a spray tan, the chlorine will strip your spray tan off! It’s okay to swim in non-chlorine pools at least 24 hours after application. Be aware that excessive soaking does make your tan fade faster, but it won’t necessarily strip the tan off.

Can I tan while pregnant?

Every pregnancy is different. DHA (the active ingredient in spray tan formulas) acts only on the top layer of the skin. The products we use, their blends are non-toxic and there is no evidence that demonstrates the harmfulness of DHA. However, it is recommended that you check with your doctor first. For those who are given the blessing, use nose filters and protective undergarments for your spray tan.

How can I prepare for my spray tanning session?

Exfoliate and hydrate your skin several days before your spray tan session.

Wash and shave at least 3 hours before your appointment as you won’t be able to shower for up to 12 hours. Wear dark-colored, loose fitting clothing to avoid staining and rubbing.

What are the benefits of a spray tan compared to traditional tanning.

Aside from instant result, you avoid the harmful effects that could result from UV ray exposure in tanning beds or from the sun itself. Spray tanning allows you to enjoy the same results without exposing yourself to these harmful effects and by limiting your exposure, you are reducing your risk of developing skin cancer and avoiding the premature aging of your skin (wrinkles, pigmentation spots, discoloration, etc.).

Stay tuned for my upcoming blog on the Benefits of Spray Tanning.

What products should I avoid before the session?

We recommend that you not use hair removal creams, oil-based scrubs or moisturizers on the day of the session. These products could leave residue on your skin and prevent you from achieving the best results. Do not wear any makeup, deodorant, cream or perfume during your session. Your skin should be clean and dry.

Are there any risks?

Although spray tanning is considered a safe way to get a natural-looking complexion, some have reported allergic reactions to the DHA components. If you suspect that you may be allergic to DHA, ask your spray tan specialist to do a patch skin test on your stomach before performing a full application. Stomach skin is known to react quickly in the case of an allergy and is the ideal area to validate whether your skin will react to the product or not.

Do tanning solutions protect my skin from UV rays?

No, the tinted mists we use do not contain any UV-protective agents so there still is a risk of being sunburned and your skin can still tan. You should always apply sunscreen prior to exposing your skin to the sun.

Will spray tanning affect my tattoos?

No, the spray tanning solutions do not permanently affect your tattoos but it is possible that it may make your tattoo colors appear darker than usual while the product is active. A barrier cream can be applied to cover your tattoo(s) before applying the solution to prevent the tattoo colors from being prematurely altered.

Can the solution stain my clothing?

Most spray tanning solutions contain accelerators (bronzers), which is what provides immediate results. While these accelerators are temporary and disappear after the first shower, they can sometimes leave marks on clothing or sheets prior to your shower. The solution is water-soluble and can easily be removed from most fabrics. However, keep in mind that accelerators can stain silk and leather permanently. The solution will not stain your clothes after your first shower, unless you use abundant oil-based products that could pull the solution from your skin (for example, during a massage).

How can I protect my nails during the application?

Wearing nail polish protects your nails from the solution. However, a barrier cream can be provided on your nails to protect them from the solution and prevent them from getting stained by it as well.

How long should I wait before taking my first shower after the session?

It is recommended to avoid contact with any water for at least 8 to 12 hours following the application.

As I took my first shower, it looked as though the solution was dripping off my skin, why?

As mentioned before, most solutions contain accelerators (bronzers) that give you an instant glow, while the remainder of the solution seeps into your skin gradually. These accelerators are temporary and will disappear as you take your first shower following the spray tan session. Keep in mind that taking very long showers and / or baths on a regular basis as it will cause the solution to fade away prematurely

Can I use a moisturizer or hydrating lotion after my session?

Heck yes and it is recommended! Hydrating your skin is the key to maintaining your spray tan. Most solutions contain moisturizing agents that will keep your skin hydrated until your first shower. After your first shower, you should apply a hydrating lotion every day to maximize the solution’s longevity. Be sure to use a lotion that does not contain mineral oils and / or petroleum, as these ingredients can cause the solution to fade away prematurely.

When I’m travelling, is there anything that I can or should do to maximize the spray tanning results?

We recommend that you avoid Jacuzzis and opt for the pool instead. We also recommend applying a water-resistant sunscreen spray. When drying off, use your towel to gently sponge the water off your skin and be sure to apply a suitable moisturizer before going to bed.

What are some activities or habits which may cause the solution to fade away prematurely?

The biggest culprit is excessive sweating. Whether it’s during sleep or performing physical activities that result in excessive sweating like jogging or spinning, this will cause the solution to fade. Do not use Hair removal on areas where the solution has been applied, do not exfoliate your skin while the solution is active, avoid wearing a bra or tight clothing in the hours following the session, avoid contact with water and wait 8-12 hours before rinsing/showing and always always always pat your skin dry never rub!

So there ya have it, everything you need to know about spray tanning! If you still have questions please reach out otherwise click the link below to book your Spray Tanning session.

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