Benefits of a Spray Tan

We are always looking for the perfect way to achieve that bronzed “off the beach” look all year round without extreme sun exposure.

There is an overwhelming number of products and ways available that claim to help you get that sun-kissed look. Spray tanning, however, is one of the most efficient ways to achieve this and has a host of benefits that come along with it.

While the sun provides us with a range of essential elements including Vitamin D to be healthy, too much exposure is not only dangerous, it can be life-threatening.

As we already know, skin that is overexposed to the sun is not only prone to premature ageing, sunburn and other skin conditions, it also makes us more susceptible to various types of skin cancers.

The benefits of a natural looking spray tan include the ability to feel better psychologically -- as pale white skin is certainly less attractive and can make you feel less confident.

But what does a natural looking tan mean?

  • Color consistency throughout

  • Non streaking/patchy

  • No orange color – who wants an orange tan!

  • Fades naturally

  • Contains no harmful substances

Today, many spray tan solutions contain nourishing and hydrating ingredients including nut oils and vitamins, moisturizers, as well as anti-aging properties so there are many other benefits in addition to color.

Spray tanning can also hide the visible signs of cellulite, blemishes and imperfections including varicose veins and stretchmarks. A spray tan means a healthy and sporty all-over glow that will last weeks!

So here are a few benefits with spray tanning…

No harmful UV exposure

This is perhaps the most important benefit of spray tans!!! The risks of prolonged sun exposure are well documented and spray tanning is the best way of having that beautiful sun-kissed look without putting your health in danger.

Instant gratification

Gone are the days sitting outside in the sun for hours hoping you will bronze up your skin or waiting for ages while sticky self-tanners dry. Spray tanning takes 10-20 minutes of your time and is a perfect way to tan if you have a busy schedule! You will see the tan before you walk out!

It will make you feel amazing

Having gorgeous, sun-kissed skin is a huge confidence booster and will help you feel ready for any occasion. It can help to highlight your best features while still looking natural.

Even, streak-free coverage

If you’ve ever applied sunless tanning lotion you will know that that after a few hours it has dried into a streaky uneven mess. It’s awful!!! Getting a spray tan doesn’t leave you feeling sticky and messy!

Plus, you’ll get an even tan because the procedure is done in a salon by an experienced professional. This guarantees that your bronzed look will look as natural as possible.

Less messy

So while you wait hours for sunless self-tanners to dry, they will usually get all over the clothes you wear until you wash it off or even leave stains on your bed sheets while you wait for it to develop overnight. Spray tans are not messy!! You will never have to worry about staining clothes (or furniture!) when you get one.

Customize your shade

Spray tanning gives you the freedom to decide how dark or how light you would like your tan. With sun tanning you have no control over the color of your tan, not to mention the darker you want to be, the longer you must expose yourself to harmful UV rays.

Choose Your Shade

When you purchase self-tanning products from your local drugstore, there’s no way of knowing how one brand’s version of light, medium or dark, compares to another. Until you try it out. That’s when you find yourself scrubbing frantically in the shower, desperately trying to remove it! Spray tanning in a salon gives you the freedom to choose how dark or light your tan will be, as the artists are familiar with their products and can tailor the shade to suit you.

Boost Your Confidence

A spray tan can increase your self-confidence significantly. Many women (and men!) say that a spray tan helps them look and feel slimmer, more attractive and more confident about their body in general. And that can only be a good thing!

It’s easy to see that spray tanning is the best choice for achieving a bronzed look any time of the year. Not only is it safe and convenient it’s also the best way to ensure you get the perfect looking natural tan! Head on over to my website under the services menu to look at the natural products we use for spray tan or better yet, book your natural looking tan today!

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