Beautiful People!

We all want to enjoy those stunning and perfect lashes – you know, the type of lashes that we regularly see on celebrities and other so-called “beautiful people.” The ones we drool over and wish we could look as glamorous as they do.

Before, it was only possible to achieve that goal by using mascara (and a ton of it!), eyelash curlers, tinting treatments, or even false strip lashes.

Today, eyelash extensions enable anyone to enjoy perfect lashes without the daily hassle of those other techniques. To get the most out of our lash extensions, however, we need to first make sure that our natural lashes are as healthy as possible.

Yes ladies, lash health matters!

Without healthy natural lashes, it is almost impossible to apply extensions. As a lash-addict myself, we all know that no one ever wants that! It is possible to wear eyelash extensions long term but you need to make sure to heed the advice of your lash health specialist regarding what your natural lashes can handle.

Your natural lashes need to be strong enough to support lash extensions. Weak eyelashes that have become brittle due to neglect will most often fallout from the added weight of the extension. Obviously, no one wants to see that happen, right ?

There are HUGE differences in the types and amounts of naturally growing lashes that people have. This is why there are many different options for lash extensions and what will be suitable for one person may not be suitable for the next. Some people have strong and resilient natural lashes that will support thick glam sets for long periods of time. However, some people have naturally finer, weaker lashes that will support only support lighter weight in a shorter length.

There are times when it may not be possible to give someone the look they had in mind purely because their natural lashes could not sustain the weight of the lashes. Understandably, we cannot apply the same type of extensions on any two people and expect the same results as no ones lashes are the same. Lash artists are not (quite!) magicians, and sometimes patience and a treatment plan is what is required. There are so many different options available, to be able to create something that will be perfect for you without compromising your lash health.

For example, a more enhanced curl (which does not necessarily add any more weight) will give a more dramatic look. Volume or Hybrid lashes will increase density and thickness without extra weight, and changing the shape can also make the extensions stand out more without any extra weight.

Additionally, an individual may find times when their natural lashes are thicker and fuller, and better quality than at other times.

To keep your lashes as healthy as possible, you need to focus on the basics. You got it cleanliness, nutrition, and daily habits.

  • You must gently clean your natural lashes daily. Imagine that!! This means using a mild cleanser and gently working it into the eyelashes to remove debris and dirt. Clean lashes are happy lashes, right?!?

  • You should also brush through your eyelashes daily. This will also help to remove debris and this will have a positive impact on growth. Make brushing a regular part of your eyelash maintenance routine.

  • Your eyelashes are hair follicles. Like other hair on your body, their health is largely determined by what you eat. You will need to get plenty of the essentials - protein, iron, vitamin B12, and omega-3 fatty acids to supplement your nutrition and keep all your hair as healthy as possible. And done forget the water!! Drink plenty of water each day – something that you should be doing for overall health anyway.

  • Be mindful of your bad lash habits! Yes we all have them! Do you find your hands straying to your eyes, pulling on your lashes, or wistfully rubbing them throughout the day? Break that habit! If you spend an excessive amount of time in steam rooms or other hot and humid environments – bath included? That will certainly play havoc with any extensions.

Some other factors that can affect natural lash quality:

  • Hormonal changes such as pregnancy, post partum, or menopause

  • Medications, use of lash enhancers

  • Medical conditions such as alopecia or a thyroid problems

  • Diet changes such as rapid weight loss

  • Stress

  • Seasonal changes. It is common to have a seasonal shed of natural lashes every few months particularly in spring/summer, as new baby lashes sprout.

Always have you’re Natural Lash Specialist assess your natural lashes periodically, and if they feel there is a need to adjust the extensions to maintain lash health (even temporarily) they will let you know.

Lashes that have been damaged (i.e. from cluster or strip lashes, perms etc) and a very fine set can only be applied, over time you will be able to gradually increase the thickness and density of extensions as your natural lashes regain their health.

The aim is to always have you happy with your extensions with no damage your natural lashes. You might love the Kardashian look of super thick, stacked lashes, believe me, your natural lashes will not love this, and over time, they will FIGHT BACK!

Sometimes lash addicts want lashes that are a bit thicker and longer than advisable, for a one time special event like a wedding or milestone. Although we do understand this, we will try to accommodate this within reason!

Trying to go thicker and thicker and longer and longer at every single fill, to the point of straining the natural lashes is not a good idea. Please take the expertise and advice of your Lash Health Specialist. We truly do have the best interests of your lashes at heart!

So, take the time every day to ensure you are incorporating good habits to have great lash health so you too can have the same amazing lashes that we regularly see on celebrities and other beautiful people!


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