Lashes & Brows Are Just Better

Regardless if you’re looking to get a lash lift or brow lamination, we will always use our best judgment and ensure that your lash health is our first priority.  


Look more put-together with less effort!

Lash Lift

Do you have short, straight and fall downward lashes? Do you love eyelash extensions but don’t love the upkeep of them? 


Well you can have the best of both worlds with a Lash Lift.  You can get a semi-permanent lift with the curl of lash extensions without the upkeep and maintenance and still have that vibrant look and time to kill!

There is no need to reach for those eyelash curlers any longer.  Getting a lash lift will make your lashes look thicker, fuller and longer.  Your eyes will appear more open and youthful and your morning routines quicker.


Who doesn’t want that ?!?!


Brow Lamination

Brow Lamination is one of the NEWEST and HOTTEST eyebrow trends.  It uses mild perming solution to place your brow hairs in your desired position for up to 8 weeks depending on your natural brow growth cycle.

This service can be used to tame course and unruly brow hair.  Reposition down turned eyebrow hairs or just give you a new look altogether.  It can be a solo procedure or packaged with a tint too!