Lash Aftercare

Lash Lift


Do you have short, straight and fall downward lashes?   Do you LOVE eyelash extensions but don’t love the upkeep of them? 


Well you can have the best of both worlds with a Lash Lift 360° :  You can get a semi-permanent lift and the curl of lash extensions without the upkeep and maintenance.

There is no need to reach for those eyelash curlers any longer.  Getting a lash lift will make your lashes look thicker, fuller and longer.  Your eyes will appear more open and youthful and your morning routines quicker.   Who doesn’t want that?!?!



What is a Lash Lift?

Figuratively speaking it is basically a push-up bra for your lashes!

Using A semi-permanent relaxing and perming solutions along with curling shields, your lashes natural curl is changed to give you the "eyelash curler" effect.

It is a multiple step process, and depending on your customization determines how long your appointment is.  




What is the aftercare for a Lash Lift?

Just try to avoid sleeping on your face or physically manipulating your lashes the first day.

That's IT! 


The great thing about lash lifts vs. lash extensions – you can rub your eyes, get water all over them AND wear mascara if you choose. 

They are your own lashes that have been permanently lifted, so you really can’t ruin them.

Long Lashes
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Eyelash Extensions Aftercare



Clean off your eye makeup daily with oil free makeup remover. After rinsing, brush lashes down to straighten and then brush up to fluff.

Brush and groom your lashes softly with the mascara wand provided. Remember to be gentle, this helps extend the life of your extensions while also protecting the integrity of your natural lashes.


Avoid oil-based creams, lotions and serums around the eye area, including the eyelid, as these products could sweat or rinse onto your lash extensions.


Do not rub your eyes or lashes. Never tug, twist, pick or pull at your lashes or extensions. Use the mascara wand provided or a microfiber brush (lip wand) to help with any itchiness.


If you must touch your lashes or eyes, always use upward sweeping motions. Do not rub from side to side, rubbing at the lash line.


Try to sleep on your back or side with your eyes off the pillow. 


Do not tint or cut eyelash extensions as you may injure yourself or damage your natural lashes.


If you choose to wear mascara on your lash extensions, only apply sparingly and use water-based mascara that washes off easily. Do not wear waterproof mascara.


Do not use eyelash curlers to curl extensions as this could break off the extensions and damage your natural lash. Extensions have a strong curl and you may request to go curlier at your next appointment if necessary.


Do not try to remove the eyelash extensions on your own. There are many online recommendations for removing extensions - please refrain from doing any of these. Instead, schedule an appointment with me to safely remove your extensions as to not damage your natural lashes.


Touch up every 2-4 weeks to keep your lashes looking full and to have grown out lashes removed.