About Mel's Beauty Studio

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Mel’s Beauty Studio, located in Blackfalds, Alberta was created to encourage women to have confidence, and feel beautiful always both in younger years, and in older years. Through this journey it is important to educate clients on the benefits of the services provided while pointing out that they are neither harmful nor damaging.


As always, my primary focus is always on preserving natural health whether that be lashes, brows, skin or teeth and maintaining their long-term integrity while still creating the look you desire.  We are continuously learning and increasing our knowledge of services, and ensuring each client receives the best quality and care our studio has to offer.   


When I first started this journey in the beauty industry I started with eyelash extensions, and loved how happy my clients were when they got up and peered in the mirror for a new bolder self.  Then Covid-19 hit and I had to shut my studio for months.  During that time I took advantage of the time to take more courses... So I loaded up I took spray tan, lash lift, brow lamination and yes, TEETH WHITENING courses over those months.

While I loved the way women felt with eyelash extensions and the awe when they opened their eyes, I LOVE LOVE LOVE the way EVERYONE loves their new whiter teeth.  I am over the moon when someone's results are enough for them to tear up, and be so excited to smile.   The service is safe, quick and there will definitely be results.

If you are still unsure of any service provided, please send me a message and we can discuss your preferences and the look you desire.  We will ensure that you have all the information you need. The choice is yours!

Classic Lash Extensions

Our Vision

Our Mission

To be recognized as a studio of choice for professional teeth whitening services in the Edmonton and Leduc area.

Our Values

Mel’s Beauty Studio recognizes that when you look good, you also feel good!  We encourage wellness, self-confidence, and  a healthy smile offering products and services that will make people feel good inside and out.  Everything we do is based on what we believe in. Each client is unique and appreciated; therefore, each service must reflect their wants, needs, style, and manageability.

Our core values are summed up in one word:

D.E.D.I.C.A.T.I.O.N.  Dependability, Ethical, Drive, Integrity, Commitment, Accountability, Trust,  Improvement, Openness, Never Give Up!

Our Difference

What makes us different is our commitment to providing safe, sanitary, and truly tailored service to provide just the look you want!

Your studio experience reflects our DEDICATION!